Career Tools and Resources

Are you ready for a change? Whether you are a student trying to decide your course of study, an employee looking to expand your skills set or an individual looking for a total change in career, check out the extensive list of career exploration tools to aid you on your journey.

Jobs in the nonprofit sector rarely fit into clearly defined packages. Small employers are prevalent across the sector; well over half of nonprofits across Canada have less than five employees. This fact leads to jobs being more fluid than in other sectors – nonprofit employees rarely wear the same hat at the office all day long. It is important to keep this fact in mind as you explore your career options. If you are flexible in your ideas about work, it will help open up a wider range of career possibilities to you.

Below you will find a list of websites, tools and databases identified by the HR Council as being useful in career exploration. Take a look around and start your career exploration journey today.

Alberta Learning Information Service – Career Explorers
A great online resource that features self-assessment tools, job profiles and career planning information.

Career Cruising
Available through many school and public library database subscriptions, Career Cruising is a Canadian-specific online career guidance and planning system. Check with your school or local public library to find out if this resource is available to you.

Career Exploration
Identify, research, and manage your career using the tools available in this section of the Service Canada Job Bank site. Includes career quizzes, information on job trends and professional development links.

Career Options
While geared to those living in Nova Scotia, Career Options provides a wide range of career exploration and planning information. Also includes CORI, an interactive guide to career opportunities.

This virtual employment resource centre provides information for career explorers on how to self-assess to find an appropriate career, how to find labour market information as well as information on career planning. The website also has sections on topics such as essential job skills and workplace safety.

Ontario Skills Passport
The Ontario Skills Passport provides students, adult learners and job seekers with clear descriptions of the essential skills and common work habits needed for employment. These skills are used in almost all occupations and are important regardless of job or sector.

Working in Canada tool
Search for occupation information by job title, education program or job skill. Browse through job categories to find out about the skills required for various job types, employment trends and current job openings.

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While not focused on nonprofits in particular, other sector councils can also be valuable sources of information about work and careers. By visiting these sector council websites, you can get further insight to help you on your career exploration journey.

If you are particularly interested in a career in early childhood education, look for more information at the Child Care Human Resources Sector Council.

If you are interested in environmental occupations, please visit the Environmental Careers Organization.

If you are interested in a career in culture, you can find information at the Cultural Human Resources Council.

If you are interested in a career in social economy or community action, please visit the Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre – Économie sociale action communautaire (CSMO-ÉSAC).