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Explore the possibilities and realities of work in Canada’s nonprofit sector. Become familiar with the types of jobs commonly available, the education and experience required for those jobs, and the availability of work across the sector. In addition, the Government of Canada’s Working in Canada Tool provides extensive information on over 500 occupations, including information on education and skills required, common tasks, and current job listings. To focus your search, you might find it helpful to also visit Common jobs in Nonprofits.

Common job types in nonprofit organizations

Jobs in the nonprofit sector can often be difficult to categorize. Workers are often called on to wear various hats throughout the day; while this means that jobs can be exciting and varied, it can also make it hard for job seekers to determine the category of work that jobs fall into. The following job snapshots were created to provide a quick glance into some of the most common nonprofit careers.

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What can I do with my degree?

Perhaps you are already studying toward a particular diploma or degree, or are a recent graduate. You find yourself interested in the exciting prospect of working in the nonprofit sector, but aren’t sure how your current education and skills might translate to a job. Do you already have the skills and education related to some of the most common jobs in the nonprofit sector? Visit the What can I do with my degree? page to find out.

» What can I do with my degree?

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