People in Nonprofits

The HR Council is honoured to share the stories of people working in nonprofits. With nearly 1.2 million people working in 69,000 organizations, the nonprofit sector is a dynamic, vibrant and meaningful place to work. Whether in the fields of social services, health care, community housing, the environment, sports, recreation, arts or culture, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector's common vision: to make a difference. By sharing the stories of those who make the nonprofit sector the success that it is, the HR Council hopes to show those interested in working in the sector how great a job in a nonprofit can be. With such a wide range of jobs available, there’s something for everyone.

Why Nonprofit?

Video Interview Series

The nonprofit sector has career opportunities for almost every skill set, area of expertise and background. Whether you are interested in a career as an accountant, coach, social worker, program manager, IT specialist or nurse, there’s a job for you in a nonprofit.

Over the coming months, the HR Council will introduce you to five young nonprofit professionals who will share their insights on working and building a career in the nonprofit sector through a series of candid video interviews.

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People Profiles

One of the great things about working for a nonprofit is that employees often perform a wide range of duties every day. With most nonprofits being relatively small organizations, workers flex their minds and muscles on a daily basis to meet the needs of those they serve. Read the following stories from people working in nonprofits to learn more about the interesting and important work they are doing.

Margie Beck

A residential support worker from

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Shabnum Budhwani

A program coordinator from

Toronto, Ontario


Ted Kerr

A volunteer coordinator from

Edmonton, Alberta

Scott Lundell

An assistant director from

Sherwood Park, Alberta