Why Nonprofit?

With nearly 1.2 million people working in 69,000 organizations, the nonprofit sector is a dynamic, vibrant and meaningful place to work. Whether in the fields of social services, health care, community housing, the environment, sports, recreation, arts or culture, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector's common vision: to make a difference.

The HR Council has collected a series of stories from sector employees from across the country, to showcase to those interested in working in the sector why they should consider nonprofits, how they enter into the sector and the types of jobs that exist.

Video Profiles

The following are videos of nonprofit professionals. The first series focuses on young professionals and the second series focuses on professionals who are immigrants to Canada. In both series interviewees share their insights on working and building a career in the nonprofit sector through a series of candid video interviews.

Young Professionals

Meet Amber

After receiving a degree in social work, Amber found three job opportunities: two from for-profit organizations and one from a nonprofit. The nonprofit was the first interview she went to, and she never ended up going to the others. Watch to learn about her perspective on nonprofit versus for-profit work.

Meet Jason

As a program facilitator, the majority of Jason’s work revolves around helping youth. He is also passionate about new technology and with his work in the nonprofit sector, he is able to use both these skills in the workplace. Watch to learn about the different roles Jason can fill in just a day’s work.

Professionals who are Immigrants

Meet Peggy

As a young professional from Hong Kong, Peggy studied labour studies in Canada and then went on to a post graduate program in fundraising and volunteer management. Watch and learn how she was drawn to the sector and the challenges she encountered explaining her career choice to her parents.

Meet Irshad

Irshad recently moved with his family to Canada from Sri Lanka. He struggled to find his first job opportunity but eventually found work with the United Way of Toronto. Watch and learn how volunteering played a role in providing him with a pathway into the sector.

Meet Jaime

As a new immigrant, Jaime currently works for the Red Cross, an organization he had worked for before coming to Canada. Learn how language plays a role in the workplace and why he describes working in the nonprofit sector as being awesome.

Meet Ayotunde

With a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics from his home country of Nigeria, Ayotunde moved to Canada with his family and now works as a Family Educator in Calgary. Watch and learn how he works in an ethnically diverse workplace and why he chooses to work in the nonprofit sector.

Written Profiles

The following are written accounts of professionals working in the sector.

Margie Beck

A residential support worker from

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Shabnum Budhwani

A program coordinator from

Toronto, Ontario

Ted Kerr

A volunteer coordinator from

Edmonton, Alberta

Scott Lundell

An assistant director from

Sherwood Park, Alberta