This online tool is designed to assist small nonprofits (typically those with ten or fewer employees) to evaluate and understand their organization's performance in seven core functional areas. These areas are relevant to all small organizations, regardless of mission or mandate:

  • Governance
  • Financial Management & Sustainability
  • Information & Technology Management
  • HR Management
  • Programs & Services
  • Community Relations & Engagement
  • Fund Development

Tool's History

This tool is the end result of a two-year project that focused on building the HR management capacity of small nonprofits by providing a rational framework for the common skills and knowledge required to carry out core functions.

The project took into account the unique aspects of working in the sector including: working with volunteers, governance by volunteer boards of directors, accountability for funding from governments and other external sources, responsibilities related to fundraising and charitable requirements, and providing non-commercial client services at the community level.

Through extensive consultation, it was found that employees in small nonprofits tend to take on a range of responsibilities that are not consistent with the position title they are given.

e.g. A financial manager in one organization may have responsibility for two employees and all the organization's financial tasks such as; payroll, overseeing the audit, budgets and cash flows. While another financial manager may oversee no employees, be responsible for all of the organization's financial tasks and have general administration and HR duties.

The tool therefore gives employers the ability to organize and assign responsibilities to employees, volunteers or groups best suited to take them on based on their organizations unique context.

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