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HR Council News

Keep hrcouncil.ca accessible

March 6, 2015

For 10 years, the hrcouncil.ca has been a go-to HR resource for nonprofits across Canada and around the world.

With practical tools, tips and resources designed specifically for non-profit organizations, this award-winning website sees more than 2 million visits each year.

Why are organizations connecting? To access the suite of HR tools and resources in our HR Management Resource Centre, which offers just in time HR management information, including the comprehensive HR Toolkit, with its more than 800 pages of tools, templates and resources. To access Labour Market Information about the sector’s jobs, salaries, employers and employees and future trends, helping to inform the labour market decisions.

Why are you connecting? Did you find a policy template or sample interview questions? Did you learn about a Board’s role as it relates to HR? Did you consult the National Occupational Standards for Managers of Volunteers Resources or check out research findings on future leadership?

Did it make a difference? Did the templates and information help you develop your job description? Did the HR Management Standards help you identify where your organization needs work?

Then why not help to keep hrcouncil.ca an accessible resource.

Our goal is to continue to offer hrcouncil.ca in a user-friendly platform that offers practical and timely information to organizations. Your financial support makes a difference.

For more information, contact Community Foundations of Canada at info@communityfoundations.ca