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Expenses and allowances

A policy on expenses and allowances sets out arrangements for employers to cover costs for employees' travel and other employment related activities.

Expense policies commonly state that pre-authorization is required - that is to say that expenses must be approved (typically by the executive director) before the money is spent. Otherwise, they vary widely reflecting the organization's needs and resources. Which costs does the organization cover - travel, accommodation, meals, mileage, hospitality, other? What conditions apply to reimbursement - for example, are receipts required? Are amounts specified? Are there maximum limits?


Sample policies

Expenses and Allowances - Nova Scotia Organization (PDF - 39KB)

  • Outlines details of what costs will be reimbursed and conditions for reimbursement
  • Includes mileage (determined in budget approval process), meals, parking and also moving expenses

Travel and Related Expenses - Alberta Organization (PDF - 35KB)

  • Attaches specific amounts and procedures for reimbursement of work related expenses
  • Includes meals, transport, hospitality and travel expenses

Travel Regulations - Nova Scotia Organization (PDF - 27KB)

  • Covers mileage for employees when travel has been pre-approved by management