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Hiring - offer of employment

The offer letter begins the employment relationship and it is a good place to include the terms and conditions of employment.

An offer letter may include details on the start date, vacation and benefits entitlement, hours of work and overtime, whether the position is temporary or permanent (if short term include the last day of work) and probationary period. A fixed term contract should include the date on which it ends. Often the employee accepts an offer by signing the letter and it is placed in the employee personnel file.

Ensure that the offer letter is consistent with your policies and procedures, and compliant with applicable employment standards legislation.

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Ensure that no oral promises have been made that are not covered in the offer letter.

Sample policies

Confirmation of Employment - Volunteer Calgary (PDF - 34KB)

  • Sets out the terms and conditions to be outlined in the offer of employment
  • Assigns responsibility to the executive director

Employment Contract - Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley (PDF - 38KB)

  • Details what will be included in the written offer
  • Includes (among other points) job description, probationary period, requirement to complete a criminal reference check and an oath of confidentiality