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Hours of work

Most organizations are open for business for set hours each day that provide some parameter for the hours of work. However, many organizations provide some flexibility around start and finish times so it is important to clearly state your organization's requirement for the work week.

Your policy on hours of work should state:

  • The number of hours full-time employees are required to work: this is often express in hours per week
  • The length of the lunch break
  • The length of other breaks if provided

Employment standards in most jurisdictions will state the minimum requirement for lunch breaks and how often employees must be given a break. Your organization may choose to provide more than these minimums.


Sample policies

Attendance - BC Organization (PDF - 28KB)

  • Clarifies employer's expectations regarding hours of work, breaks, lunch hour and tardiness

Hours of Work - Habitat for Humanity (PDF - 29KB)

  • Provides a thorough description of hours of work
  • Includes summer hours
  • Gives generous time around the Christmas holiday season

Hours of Work - Volunteer Calgary (PDF - 30KB)

  • Clarifies hours of work and to manage overtime
  • Outlines different overtime compensation for staff and support staff
  • Provides a flex day option