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Leaves - general leave, professional development and educational leave

There is no legislation that applies to general leaves (leaves for unspecified purposes) or leaves for the purposes of professional development or education. This is an additional benefit (paid or unpaid leave) that can be introduced to serve the values and purpose of the organization and to meet employees' needs. If your organization can support these policies it is an excellent way to attract, retain and develop great people.

Generally, policies of this nature cover:

  • The purpose of the policy
  • Criteria to qualify for the leave
  • Responsibilities of the employee and employer during a leave
  • Covering of costs (depending on the nature of the leave and funding)


Sample policies

Education Leave - YWCA Yellowknife (PDF - 29KB)

  • Encourages further education while controlling costs
  • Sets eligibility requirements
  • Provides up to ten days of paid leave (refers to unpaid education leave if more time is required)

Leaves of Absence Without Pay - Alberta Organization (PDF - 28KB)

  • Grants employees leave of absence without pay giving consideration to employees length of service and for notice provided
  • Discusses effects on holidays and benefits

Other Unpaid Leave - YWCA Yellowknife (PDF - 29KB)

  • Details of unpaid leave include rationale and limit on time to be provided
  • Discusses the effect of leave on benefits and credit to employees' length of service

Professional Development - Alberta Organization (PDF - 28KB)

  • Lays out guidelines for staff-requested and directed professional development
  • Allows for flexibility and encourages employees to maximize opportunities within the available resources