HR Toolkit

Raising the Bar for HR Management in Nonprofits

In 2009, the HR Council introduced a set of HR Management Standards for nonprofits. As a companion to the HR Toolkit, these Standards demonstrate what nonprofits should strive for in the development and implementation of effective HR policies and practices. In simple terms, the Standards outline what you need, and the HR Toolkit outlines how you do it.

In order to better understand the relationship between the what and the how, we've updated the HR Toolkit to include links to the relevant Standards. So if you're reading about how to write effective HR policies in the HR Toolkit, you may stumble across a link to the related HR Management Standard that looks like this:

HR Management Standards

Related HR Management Standard:

Standard 1.1
HR management policies are formalized, documented and approved by the Board or approval as designated to the CEO/ED.

So next time you come across one of these links in the HR Toolkit, why not take a few minutes to review the related HR Management Standard? You'll be glad you did.