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Workplace diversity

A policy on workplace diversity:

  • Makes a commitment to anti-discriminatory practices and fosters equal opportunity through the removal of systemic barriers
  • Can reinforce compliance with human rights legislation
  • Is a statement of an organization's values

A comprehensive diversity policy development kit and other helpful resources are available from the Canadian Council for International Co-operation


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Sample policies

Diversity Management - YWCA Yellowknife (PDF - 28KB)

  • Gives a clear policy statement from their employee handbook
  • Addresses key objectives of workplace diversity
  • Mentions employees and volunteers

Employment Diversity - Volunteer Calgary (PDF - 29KB)

  • States the organization's commitment in all aspects of employment
  • Emphasizes leadership role and that everyone has a role to play to encourage diversity

Social Justice and Diversity Policy - National Organization (PDF - 49KB)

  • Gives a clear explanation of the importance of workplace diversity
  • Lists definitions, responsibilities and reasonable accommodations