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Driving change: A national study of Canadian nonprofit executive leaders

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The HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector is asking an important question: Is there a leadership deficit?
Supplemental analysis report
This report presented nine key findings of the Driving Change research, highlighting the perspectives of nonprofit Executive Directors in Canada, along with the views of board members. Of the nine key findings, two areas – Executive Director retention and Board support – leant themselves to further analysis. This report details the outcomes of this additional analysis.


HR Council’s surveys of nonprofit employers and employees

Between December 2007 and February 2008 Ipsos Reid conducted this Canada-wide survey of sector employers and employees on behalf of the HR Council. The survey of employers provided data about their experience with recruitment and retention and about the skills their organizations need now and in the coming years. The survey of employees provided a profile of the people who work in the sector and insights into what they like and don’t like about their jobs and their plans and expectations for the future.

Voluntary & Non-profit Sector Labour Force Study - Report #2 Toward a Labour Force Strategy for Canada's Voluntary & Non-profit Sector
Selected findings from the HR Council’s surveys of nonprofit employers and employees
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Voluntary & Non-profit Sector Labour Force Study - Survey Poster Survey results poster


Staffing Trends in Canadian Charities, 2012

Summarizes findings from Imagine Canada’s Sector Monitor survey conducted between November 2012 and January 2013:

  • Hiring activity
  • Recruitment and retention challenges
  • HR infrastructure and management capacities
  • Change in staff levels over time

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