Improving LMI for the nonprofit sector

Research, dialogue and strategy

“Do you have any data on…?” is a question we hear more and more often from employers. “We need more information on…” is a recurring lament from researchers and others working to understand and address labour force issues in this sector. The quest for ways to resolve the sector’s recruitment and retention challenges consistently points to the need for more information that draws people to work in the sector and helps them make career decisions.

Labour Market Information for the Nonprofit Sector: An investment in the future
Only when labour supply and demand are understood can they be used effectively to better predict—and respond to—changes in society.

Developing labour market information for the nonprofit sector — Final report
Nonprofits require good labour market information in order to determine skill and education requirements for positions in the sector; identify and attract potential workers; fill job vacancies; and plan for the future, among other uses.

Moving forward with nonprofit labour market information
While finding LMI on nonprofits using business and labour surveys often proves difficult, the Canadian System of National Accounts provides data on these institutions. This report provides an overview of these data and recommendations about moving forward with data development based on the findings of the HR Council’s LMI project and the discussions of a stakeholder panel.