Building Capacity for Effective HR Management


This project focused on building the HR management capacity of organizations by gaining a better understanding of the HR management training and resource needs in the sector and identifying existing resources available to nonprofit organizations. The project involved a range of stakeholders including capacity-building organizations, educational institutions and a cross-section of sector organizations.

As the HR Council is not mandated to provide training directly, the aim of this project was to:

  • Asses the HR management training needs in the sector
  • Identify and compile a compendium of available HR management training opportunities and resources
  • Determine if there are gaps and develop strategies that could address such gaps



Summary Recommendations Report (PDF)

This summary report identifies specific strategies that should be developed and implemented to address the gap between the supply and demand for HR management training and information in the sector.


Steering Committee

Aly Bandali

Calgary, Alberta

Suzanne Lawson
Arthritis Society of Ontario
Cobourg, Ontario

Patricia Fiori
Museums Association of Saskatchewan
Regina, Saskatchewan

Claudine Lowry
Nova Scotia Community College
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gilda Good
Centre for Nonprofit Management
Victoria, British Columbia

Rahima Mamdani
United Way of Greater Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Bill Palamar
Scouts Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

Vivian Wiseman
Centre St. Pierre
Montreal, Quebec

Keith Seel, PhD
Institute for Nonprofit Studies, Mount Royal College & HR Council Board Vice-chair
Calgary, Alberta

Sheila Wolynski
St. Andrews, Manitoba


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