HR Council Feasibility Study

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Ensuring a strong workforce in the nonprofit sector requires attention over the long term and sustainable ways for organizations to focus on their HR needs and work together to meet them. To this end, Community Foundations of Canada and United Way of Canada - Centraide Canada jointly explored the feasibility of a national Human Resources Council for the sector. This project was funded by the Government of Canada.


Input from the Sector

Input from voluntary sector organizations was at the heart of the feasibility study. Community-based discussions in May and June 2004 gathered insights from organizations about how a national HR Council can meet their needs. The project team conducted 43 consultation meetings in 37 communities across Canada. The Feasibility Study concluded that there was broad support to proceed with the establishment of an HR Council for the sector that will work in collaboration with existing voluntary and nonprofit organizations who are taking the lead on HR issues.


Feasibility Study Reports

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