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Voluntary & Non-profit HR Summit: Saskatchewan

HR Council Overview

HR Council Executive Director Lynne Toupin provides an overview of the HR Council to participants at the Summit.

Presentation Icon Presentation slides (PDF) HR Council Podcast Audio recording (MP3) 11:40 min

Saskatchewan’s Non-profit Labour Force:
Challenges & Opportunities

Vic Huard talks about the importance of the voluntary and non-profit sector, its workforce and its impact on Saskatchewan's economic and social well-being.

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Address from the Minister of Social Services

The Honourable Donna Harpauer, Minister of Social Services

HR Council Podcast Audio recording (MP3) 11:43 minutes

Aboriginal Inclusion in the Voluntary & Non-profit Sector

Kelly Lendsay, CEO of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council shares a personal story and speaks of the value and importance of the Aboriginal labour force in Saskatchewan.

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runs 27:57 minutes


HR Management Standards

An overview of the HR Council's HR Management Standards that were launched in July 2009.

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Better Together

An overview of the shared HR services framework for non-profits that was developed by the HR Council.



Canadian Non-profit Workforce Summit

Janet Fleming - UK Workforce Hub

Janet Fleming, head of the UK Workforce Hub, describes the state of the 'third sector' in the United Kingdom and discusses labour force challenges and solutions.

HR Council Podcast
Audio recording (MP3)
runs 36 minutes

Ron Saunders - Canadian Policy Research Networks

Presentation demonstrating that slowing labour force growth will heighten the competition among non-profit organizations for skilled workers.

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Findings from the Labour Force Study

An overview of findings from the HR Council’s Canada-wide surveys of non-profit employers and employees.

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