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HR CheckUp

HR CheckUp »

Not sure where to start? Take our 10 minute online HR CheckUp. This self-diagnostic allows you to rate your organization's current performance in a number of functional HR areas. Based on your results, a custom HR Prescription will recommend tools, tips and strategies to improve and maintain your organizational HR Health.


HR Management Standards

HR Management Standards »

A companion to the HR Toolkit, the HR Management Standards demonstrate what nonprofits should strive for in the development and implementation of effective HR policies and practices.


HR Toolkit

HR Toolkit »

Our popular online HR resource designed with nonprofits in mind. Consult the HR Toolkit to review the hiring process from start to finish, learn what 'BFOR' stands for, download sample HR policies, watch a video case study and much more.


Take Stock

Take Stock »

This online interactive tool helps small nonprofits better understand and assess their performance as it relates to seven core functions.