HR Standards

HR Management Standards


Take a few minutes to complete the Self-Assessment to evaluate your organization's current HR policies and practices in relation to the Standards. Once you've completed the assessment, click on the 'Submit' button to create a personalized worksheet that you can use to identify which standards you'd like to focus on achieving in the short, medium and long term.

Pen and paper fans: Download a PDF version of the Self-Assessment (A great exercise for your next staff or board meeting). It's also included in the complete HR Management Standards Workbook PDF.

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Policy Framework & Employment Legislation
Standard 1.1
HR management policies are formalized, documented and approved by the Board or approval as designated to the CEO/ED.
Standard 1.2
HR management policies comply with employment, workplace health and safety, and other related legislation as is applicable in the jurisdiction in which the organization operates.
Standard 1.3
HR management policies are reviewed on a regular basis and revised if necessary.
Standard 1.4
HR management policies are made accessible to employees.
Getting the Right People
Standard 2.1
An approved job description is completed for all positions.
Standard 2.2
Recruitment is through an objective, consistent process.
Standard 2.3
Criteria used to select the appropriate individual are established and documented.
Standard 2.4
All individuals external to the organization who are offered a position sign a letter of employment that outlines the working relationship between the individual and the organization.
Standard 2.5
All new employees are oriented to the position and to the organization.
Standard 2.6
Plans are documented to address any potential key employee turnover so that the organization’s clients and public continue to receive programs and services.
Managing People and their Work
Standard 3.1
All new employees are oriented to the position and to the organization.
Standard 3.2
Managers and supervisors with the responsibility for managing the efforts of others are provided with appropriate learning opportunities to develop their supervisory skills.
Standard 3.3
All employees have a work plan and performance objectives that identify the tasks/activities and expected results for future performance.
Standard 3.4
The performance of each employee is fairly assessed, at least annually, at the end of the work plan or performance period.
Standard 3.5
The organization has methods to address employee performance issues or concerns.
Standard 3.6
The organization provides competitive compensation to employees.
Workplaces that Work
Standard 4.1
The organization provides a safe work environment.
Standard 4.2
The organization supports employee work/life balance.
Standard 4.3
The organization ensures a work environment free of harassment.
Standard 4.4
The organization promotes an inclusive workplace.
Standard 4.5
The organization has a conflict resolution policy.
Learning, Training & Development
Standard 5.1
Every employee’s training and development needs are reviewed at least annually and plans established to address any gaps.
Standard 5.2
During the development of the annual budget consideration is given to including appropriate resources to fund employee training and development.
HR Planning
Standard 6.1
The organization has a process for regularly reviewing staffing needs.
Standard 6.2
Backup plans are documented to address any key employee leaves of absence.
Standard 6.3
Critical positions in the organization are identified and succession plans are established.