HR Standards

HR Management Standards

Policy Framework & Employment Legislation

The intent of HR management policies is to create a workplace where:

  • It can be assured that minimum legal requirements are being met
  • Best practices appropriate to the organization can be documented and implemented
  • Management decisions and action are consistent, uniform and predictable
  • Individuals and the organization are protected from the pressures of expediency
  • Organization values are promoted
In developing HR management policies, organizations will likely have practices that can be reviewed and converted into policies. All employers, including those in the nonprofit sector, must comply with federal and/or provincial legislation relating to employment and workplaces, therefore HR management policies and practices must take into account the relevant laws and regulations. While legislation provides the framework, the interpretation of legislation will be through case law – both legislation and case law will need to be referenced for a complete picture of what is required of employers.


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Standard 1.1
HR management policies are formalized, documented and approved by the Board or approval as designated to the CEO/ED.


Standard 1.2
HR management policies comply with employment, workplace health and safety, and other related legislation as is applicable in the jurisdiction in which the organization operates.


Standard 1.3
HR management policies are reviewed on a regular basis and revised if necessary.


Standard 1.4
HR management policies are made accessible to employees.