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Learning, Training & Development

In today’s fast paced and decentralized world of work it is expected that employees in many cases must act independently in carrying out their duties. Organizations must ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge and skills required to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Learning, training and development activities are the planned, continuous effort by an organization to improve employee competency levels and organizational performance. Learning can include a variety of approaches including structured training courses, mentoring, coaching, job shadowing, peer exchanges, and/or self-directed learning.
A systematic program of learning, training and development blends the needs of the organization with the needs and aspirations of individual employees. The aim is to improve organizational performance and to engage employees in their career development.


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Standard 5.1
Every employee’s training and development needs are reviewed at least annually and plans established to address any gaps.


Standard 5.2
During the development of the annual budget consideration is given to including appropriate resources to fund employee training and development.