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An HR plan is a roadmap that describes how an organization will meet its current and future human resource needs based on the strategic plans of the organization. HR planning is a critical element for ensuring organization success and can be implemented in part by HR management policies built on these Standards.

HR planning is a systematic process of reviewing and anticipating human resource requirements to ensure that there are sufficient employees and volunteers with the required skills available when needed. HR planning can be a formal or informal process. Often planning will be evident in annual budgets, strategic planning documents, funding proposals/contracts, etc. that identify the positions required for accomplishing the organization’s work and how the costs of maintaining those positions will be accomplished.
At the same time HR planning should also consider how HR management directions and activities are developed so that they not only contribute to the effectiveness of the organization, but to also leading the organization into the future. HR management needs to position itself to be a strategic element in the organization’s future by examining and addressing pending legislation, labour shortages or economic conditions affecting the future workforce of the organization.


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Standard 6.1
The organization has a process for regularly reviewing staffing needs.


Standard 6.2
Backup plans are documented to address any key employee leaves of absence.


Standard 6.3
Critical positions in the organization are identified and succession plans are established.