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Trends & Issues

Editor's note: We've shifted the focus of our monthly Trends & Issues column for 2010 to provide more in depth analysis and insight into trends and issues affecting the nonprofit labour force. If there's a particular topic, trend or issue that you think we should look into, please let us know.

March 2010

Small nonprofits: A big part of our sector

Employees of small nonprofit organizations are committed to the missions of their organizations: they believe in their organizations’ causes and derive a lot of satisfaction from their work. Read more »

February 2010

Gender mix in the nonprofit sector

The nonprofit sector’s labour force is predominantly female: three-quarters (75%) of those working in the sector are women. In most areas of the sector, however, men occupy a disproportionate number of senior management positions, while women are overrepresented in administrative and support-staff positions. Read more »

January 2010

A Portrait of Students Considering the Nonprofit Sector

Findings based on a From Learning to Work™ survey

During 2008 – 2009, the HR Council undertook research to improve the nonprofit sector’s understanding of the characteristics and motivating
factors of prospective “early career” employees. Read more »